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Premium Lawncare Program

Premium Lawncare Program

Southern Turf Management yard care work begins with our Premium Lawncare Program.

Our Premium Lawncare Program Includes:

Spring 1

(January-March) Pre-emergent and Post Emergent Weed Control with Soil Enhancement Lawn Fertilization in a liquid application.

Spring 2

(April-May) Horticultural Oil, Natural and Organic Products and Fungicide applied as a Foliar Spray.

Grub Control

Soil insecticide for White Grub Control

Summer 1

(June-July) Summer Soil Enhancement Fertilization with Iron and Micronutrients. Broadleaf Weed Control as needed.

Summer 2

(July-August) Summer Slow-Released Granular Fertilizer. Broadleaf Weed Control as needed.

Fall 1

(September-October) Slow-Released High Phosphorus Granular Fertilizer applied either with or without Fall Reseeding and Aeration.

Aeration & Seeding

(September-October) Core aeration, aeravation, 3-way Turf Type Tall Fescue Blend.

Fall 2

(October-December) Granular Fertilizer to aid in growth, root development and color.


(November-January) Nitrogen Source in Granular Fertilizer to provide nutrients for early Spring Green-Up.

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