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Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program

Southern Turf Management will help your yard maintain its beauty throughout the year with our Ornamental Tree & Shrub program.

Our Ornamental Tree & Shrub Program Includes:

Spring 1

Spring 1: (February-March) Soil Enhancement Fertilization, Insect Control, and Soil Disease Control in the form of a Soil Drench.

Spring 2

(April-May) Horticultural Oil, Natural and Organic Products and Fungicide applied as a Foliar Spray.

Summer 1

(May-June) Soil Enhancement Feralization and Insect Control in the form of a Soil Drench.

Summer 2

(July-August) Insect Control, Mite Control and Disease Control as a Foliar Spray.


(October-December) Horticultural Oil applied as a Foliar Spray.

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